Hotel Room

Fell in love with too many drugs
And I tried to wean them
Frustrated, lost circulation
I’m at the ceiling
Smoking roaches, I’m blowin O’s
Yeah, I’m numb to feeling
Shy and bright eyed
You looked in my eyes
And started tearing up

Gas station pop and cigarettes
I like you lots babe, I’m a mess
I be lying out a lot when I feel stressed
I know I prolly sound so pessimist
I just wanna live fast tonight
I just wanna do, do you right
And if you with it then baby,
Come with me
I’ll get you tonight

We’ll get drunk in my hotel room
Stick and poke tattoos, baby
Ima change your life
We’ll make out in the swimming pool
And we’ll sleep til noon, babe
Only for tonight
Yeah, yeah

We can get lost
Baby, won’t you ride for me?
Everybody ask why I’m so difficult
But nobody take the time to understand me
Maybe if they did,
Then they wouldn’t have to question my time
Gotta draw the line
You get no reply
I been on the road too long
I been far away from home

Directora/Director: Ariel Michelle

Grupo/Solista: Lauren Sanderson

Productora/Productor: Aaron Johnson

Sizzy Rocket---


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